How Gh Supplements For Female Athletes

By | December 8, 2016

Yes true, GH market is expanding gradually and without fail. Apparently these products are gaining popularity for providing desired effects; without much risk of side effect. Given the potency of growth hormone supplements for providing muscular growth, improving endurance, reducing fatigue-recovery time gap and helping in faster muscle repair; anti-aging benefits of this product category are also being explored. Not only males but, female fans of this product category are also on a rise. Let’s discuss some core characteristics of HGH, IGF-1 or other protein hormone and growth hormone supplements benefitting masses involved in health and fitness.

Setting higher targets and taking up challenges with complete positivity is a female trait and power. With no adjustments, females are roaring high in fields of fitness, athletics, weight lifting and even body building. It is proven that though females tend to have less muscular body when compared to males of similar age group, but this is due to their growth pattern. Female body is designed to produce more growth hormone than males of similar age groups.

Declining natural GH levels is no more a limitation for fitness and health enthusiasts!

Regression of body’s growth hormone producing capacity with age (post 30 years) takes toll on muscle and bone health gradually. And this true for both males and females! In females this effect is more pronouncedly observed when they go through their menopause phase. Here comes the role of growth hormone supplements (HGH as well as IGF-1 products). Most benefits can be had when:

1.These supplements are not abused or overly used;
2.These supplements are used in the right way.

Self-help while selecting the supplement and setting dose goals is means to promoting abuse and can certainly be harmful an act to be avoided and strictly checked for. Here comes the role of a doctor, physical trainer or certified nutritionist.

Female fitness fans are also fans of GH supplements. This increased fan following comes from positive effects of GH supplements when combined with good physical training, clean and effective diet plan (including protein and amino acid supplements, if needed).

How female physiology is different when it comes to GH secretion?

1.Females produce more natural GH
2.Day time secretion of GH is more in females (almost twice).this is in addition to what is produced at night. Males produce very little GH during day time. Major production happens during night sleep only.
3.Exercise pushes a body to produce GH, true. In females this is achieved quicker while later in terms of time of exercise for males.
4.Little doses of GH supplements work for females when actually compared to males (same age, same diet and same workout routine).
5.More workouts and less sleep (not very less but comparatively less sleep) works in favour of GH production in a female’s body while not same are true for male body.

Can females use GH supplements?

Females produce more GH than male but the level considerable fall post menopause and effects are seen on health of muscles, bones even hair, skin and nails. This all can be counteracted with intelligently training the body to replicate natural GH effects with slight supplementation, if needed. Such cases arise when we talk of female fitness professionals, body builders, weight lifters or even athletes. With safe HGH and IGF-1 supplements available, professional goals also know no limits whether it’s a male or a female.

GH supplements are safe for use by females, but selecting a right dose and complementing it with adequate physical training is essential. Growth of bones and muscles along with prominent positive health of skin and hair is what females using GH supplements in the right way can expect.

Pre and post-menopausal women both can be advised to use GH supplement depending on their need. Dose, cycles and other complementing supplements shall be intelligently selected with thorough consultation from certified nutrition and fitness experts. Like all extraneous products, GH supplements when abused can be harmful but the situation is avoidable with intelligent use.

While many benefits have been mentioned, one should never fail to have diligent advice from experts before starting onto any kind of supplements. This could save one visits to doctors, to talk about the side effects.

Cheers to non-stoppable spirit of women!