Best Fish Oil Supplements Are Pure and Fresh

By | May 15, 2017

Given the fact that you are reading this article, you know the benefits of fish omega 3 supplements. However, do you know that you to select the best fish oil supplements? Well, you might have your own parameters; I do not doubt them at all. However, I am interested in finding out that do you get side effects like smelly burps and fishy after taste.

If yes, then I am sorry to say that the parameters you are using to select the best fish oil supplements are not the correct ones. Read on to find out why. The best fish oil supplements are pure and fresh.

Supplements as you know consist of the oil extracted from the fish. A lot depends upon how the fish were handled and how the oil was processed.

Sometimes the fisheries are far away from the place where the oil is extracted. If the manufacturers do not handle fish properly during the transition time, then fish starts to oxidize and therefore the oil too is oxidized this results in fishy aftertaste and burps.

How does one identify if the supplement is fresh or stale?

There are two methods; look at the TOTOX (Total Oxidation) value of the supplement. It tells you the total oxidation value of the oil present in the supplement. The lower the value the better it is for you.

The other method is known as the smell test. Rancid oil smells a lot and does not have a pleasant odor. To hide this odor, manufacturers add an artificial flavor like lime or orange to the supplement. What you can do is, cut the gel and find out if it has any artificial flavor. If yes, then be sure that the oil is rancid and manufacturer has tried to hide this from you.

With the help of these two ways, you will be able to filter out more than 80% substandard products. Coming to the purity of supplement — It is of paramount importance that you take supplements, which are pure. Oceans today are a polluted place, with various impurities like lead, arsenic, and PCBs, fish also catch this contamination, and therefore the oil has these impurities.

Only the Molecular Distillation can get rid of these impurities. It is a very complex and expensive process; very few manufacturers use this process to treat the oil and then produce supplements. Look for the Certificate of Analysis of the supplement. It tells you the level of impurities present in the oil. The lower the level the better it is for you.

In a nutshell, best fish oil supplements are pure and fresh. Now that you are armed with this information, you can test the purity and freshness of any product and choose the best for you.

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